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MF Doom host AS Christmas Eve
No one really posts on here anymore.
AIM Quotes: The Rebirth
Sorry to the Fluffers....
I'm still here
Brooke Burke & "The King"
Lohan admits she was a Crack Head..
That's Racist!
The Government planned 9/11
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[Random AIM Convo]

boboblackshe3p: yeee HAW!
boboblackshe3p: jagermeister for bobo
boboblackshe3p: freeeeee
DrunkenMasterFu: i am a jealous Fu
boboblackshe3p: this is great
boboblackshe3p: im telling you
boboblackshe3p: me you kap mike colin
boboblackshe3p: evertyone!
boboblackshe3p: should get togeyther
boboblackshe3p: get DRUNIK
boboblackshe3p: and play HSALOP
boboblackshe3p: HALOPP
boboblackshe3p: HELLO
boboblackshe3p: :]
DrunkenMasterFu: you lost me at "this is great"

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AIM Quotes: The Rebirth

[AIM is the shit]
thisisbobo: ddr gets me girls
thisisbobo: believe it or not
KuhkuhKAP: Thats sad
KuhkuhKAP: Hey baby, watch me pull this combo in DDR
KuhkuhKAP: Oooo, can I suck your dick
KuhkuhKAP: Do not put this on your site by the way
thisisbobo: lol
thisisbobo: for a second i thought u were the chick i was talking to in the other im
thisisbobo: i was about to say FUCK YEAH!!
thisisbobo: :[
thisisbobo: ..thanks for getting my hopes up, fruitcup
thisisbobo: quoted!

thisisbobo (12:01:13 AM): how much was your microwave?
C0lin46and2 (12:01:35 AM): less than $90
thisisbobo (12:01:59 AM): sweet
thisisbobo (12:02:04 AM): does it have a chicken button?
C0lin46and2 (12:02:10 AM): lemme check
thisisbobo (12:02:21 AM): ohhhh yes!
C0lin46and2 (12:04:47 AM): no chicken button
C0lin46and2 (12:04:51 AM): I'm sure it has presets though
thisisbobo (12:05:26 AM): damn it
thisisbobo (12:05:29 AM): no chicken button?!?
thisisbobo (12:05:31 AM): :[
thisisbobo (12:05:35 AM): ..you got ripped off!

WitChaBrokeAssss (12:50:28 AM): i socked sum dude in the face
thisisbobo (12:50:34 AM): hahahahhhaa
WitChaBrokeAssss (12:50:35 AM): he was like ooh papi i love you eyes
thisisbobo (12:50:36 AM): damn
thisisbobo (12:50:42 AM): WTF
WitChaBrokeAssss (12:50:46 AM): and i was like BAM
thisisbobo (12:50:47 AM): ghey x10
WitChaBrokeAssss (12:50:49 AM): lets go
thisisbobo (12:50:51 AM): hahaahhaaa
WitChaBrokeAssss (12:51:03 AM): lol i mean i said lets go
WitChaBrokeAssss (12:51:06 AM): not lets go there
thisisbobo (12:51:08 AM): hahha

thisisbobo (12:26:44 AM): do you atleast have chicken in your freezer?
C0lin46and2 (12:27:12 AM): I have a huge bag of chicken breasts
thisisbobo (12:27:26 AM): now thats what im talkin about!
thisisbobo (12:27:34 AM): you got chicken tiddays in the freezer
thisisbobo (12:27:37 AM): im coming over...
C0lin46and2 (12:28:32 AM): haha
C0lin46and2 (12:28:44 AM): I have two packets of buffalo seasoning
thisisbobo (12:28:57 AM): cumshot for the chicken breasts?
C0lin46and2 (12:29:11 AM): I love buffalo wings
thisisbobo (12:29:21 AM): i knew you were black
C0lin46and2 (12:29:36 AM): just below the waist

AIM Quotes: The Rebirth - Tuesday, January 24, 2006 -

Sorry to the Fluffers....

I know I haven't been posting interesting and weird stuff for you guys in the last month. I've been working alot and I've got a horrible addiction I should have never messed with it. This addicitive substance is known as WoW or as non-nerds know it as World of Warcraft. Yes I fell down and I must get up from it.

So from here on in I promise fluff comes before WoW...so I'll post them stick that metaphorical vein in my arm....mmmm yes!

Sorry to the Fluffers.... - Wednesday, January 18, 2006 -

I'm still here

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about the Fluff. The last few weeks has been pretty crazy though for me. To start, I lost my Hospital position because I took too long to get Medical clearance from a Cardiologist. I don't really have medical insurance and Dr's wanted cash up front or weren't accepting new patients. What was I supposed to do? I tried..

Now, about my heart rate. When I went to get a physical, that Dr. Said that my heart rate was so low that I was at risk of heart failure [or something]. He got 30-40 bpm. He says normal is like 70. Maybe he was trying to scare me? I don't know jack about heart rates, etc. The Dr. Also told me that I wasn't an Athelete [which I'm not] so there's something wrong. "Go see a Cardiologist" is all he said. No further help from that asshole. Thanks..

I don't know if my hour after hour long sessions of Dance Dance Revolution [DDR] have something to do with this. I highly doubt it, but it could be. It's weird because where some people get tired after doing Heavy song [like 8-9 footers], I can do it 3 times again if I really wanted to. I've done a 9 footer 3 times in a row before [It was actually Dead End on Heavy]. I tried to full combo and didn't even get close.

There's more to this story. I noticed that I drink more Energy drinks than usual. Practically every other day I'm doing something. Mainly when I'm on my way to work, or sometimes when I'm about to DDR. Did I mention that these are the HUGE 24oz cans? Rockstar is my favorite, but I also drink Monster as well as Nitro 2 Go. They speed up your heart rate from what I understand. It's like I'm addicted to them or something. I don't know..

I'll find out when I go to the Dr. this week. I finally found a Dr. [Dr.. Zimmerman] that's going to see what's up with me. My Dad wants to go too because he's paying, and he's concerned. I'll post more as I find out what exactley is wrong, if anything.

I'm still here - Monday, January 16, 2006 -

Brooke Burke & "The King"

I don't know WTF to think of this. Brooke Burke and The King?!? What's next? Lindsay Lohan and Ronald McDonald? Wow..Just..WOW.

Brooke Burke & "The King" - Monday, January 09, 2006 -

Lohan admits she was a Crack Head..

5 January 2006

Lohan Confesses to Drugs and Bulimia
Teen movie queen Lindsay Lohan has admitted using drugs and suffering from bulimia in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine. The actress blames her demise on her destructive relationship with her father Michael Lohan, the stress of life in Hollywood and the trauma of her split from first love Wilmer Valderrama. The 19-year-old, who was admitted to hospital on Monday suffering an asthma attack in Miami, Florida, claims her bulimia became so bad, those close to her warned her she would die unless she sought help. She says, "I was making myself sick. I was sick. I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself." She lost so much weight the world's press began speculating she was suffering an eating disorder. The crunch for Lohan came after an appearance on comedy show Saturday Night Live last May, when producer Lorne Michaels confronted her. She says, "I just started bawling. I knew I had a problem, and I couldn't admit it. I saw that SNL after I did it. My arms were disgusting. I had no arms." Her mother Dina stepped in after a paparazzi photoshoot showed her looking alarmingly skinny. She adds, "I looked at it and was like, 'Jesus Christ.' My sister, she was scared. My brother called me, crying." Lohan doesn't reveal details about her drug use, confessing only to trying "a little" but insists, "I've gotten that out of my system." But she confesses to becoming a shopaholic to ease her pain - once spending $100,000 in one day.

Source: imdb


[I pray Hilary Duff hasn't taken the same path]
Lohan admits she was a Crack Head.. - Thursday, January 05, 2006 -

That's Racist!

[AIM Convo]

thisisbobo: im sick of my roommates friends coming over and playing MY xbox 360
C0lin46and2: so move here
thisisbobo: if i didnt have a good job, i would
C0lin46and2: you can find a good job here
thisisbobo: it took me FOREVER to find a good job here
C0lin46and2: and I have enough money for you to look for a while without worrying about bills
thisisbobo: ahh
thisisbobo: thatd be sweet
thisisbobo: :[
C0lin46and2: think about it
C0lin46and2: white girls love brothers here
thisisbobo: are you sure
C0lin46and2: they can't get enough of you people
thisisbobo: you people
thisisbobo: the white man said you people
thisisbobo: THATS RACIST!
thisisbobo: now if only i could find the .gif of that black kid saying that
thisisbobo: :[
C0lin46and2: lynch me if you have a problem
thisisbobo: lol

That's Racist! - Monday, January 02, 2006 -