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Blockbuster Video calls Gamer an Idiot..

The sad thing about it is, it's on the guy's receipt. A Team Xbox forum member by the name of "oltranzista" pre ordered two copies of Perfect Dark Zero. When he found out that PDZ was out of stock, he changed his pre order and got a Hard Drive instead. The manager insulted him on his receipt:

11/28 13:38 COM [EMP#]

Of course, oltranzista is in the process of taking the complaint to Blockbuster's corporate office. I personally hope that Manager gets ass raped and fired in the worst way for his dumb ass remarks. You can view the full receipt by clicking the image on the right.

Blockbuster Video calls Gamer an Idiot.. - Wednesday, November 30, 2005 -

4:45 PM

At least when I used to work at EB, we only ridiculed the regulars. Follow up on this, I want to know if Blockbuster does anything.    

3:00 AM

Need a bigger scan of that there receipt!    

9:49 AM

What was the customer doing buying games at Blockbuster? Why did he need two copies? I'm with the manager. You deal with enough morons and half-witted public trying a run around you get tired of it. The impression I get from the comments is that the customer has a history of changing orders. The only issue is that the manager was stupid enough to have the comments on the receipt. It doesn't seem like ass rape is a necessary punishment though, nor is a firing in the worst way.    

11:42 AM

the manager's grammar is wrong it's

"what AN idiot"

not a idiot.    

2:57 PM

Need a bigger scan of that there receipt!

lol! click the picture.

people buy games from the blockbuster stores that have game rush in them. i guess this was one of them. next time, go to game stop! :]    

8:48 PM

Well.. being an ex manager of an EB Games and Babbages, I understand the feeling of hatred for those that abuse systems and do sneaky workarounds. However, it's generally NOT a good idea to leave a paper trail to your own stupidity. I think the manager should definately be repremanded but not too harshly (meaning not losing his job). We're people and we get tired of other peoples crap. Managers dont' get paid enough to deal with ALL of the stupidity... I think the guy reached his "stupid" limit for the week and made a dumb mistake.

The customer should make up his mind. Nothing angered me more than to ahve a customer constantly change his or her mind on something. There is a lot to be said about an informed consumer. If you aren't going to take the timet o figure out what you freakin want, what makes you believe I will. Whats that saying.. ah yes... "Poor planning on your part doesn't constitue an emergency on mine". We're paid to help you, not do it for you; there is a big difference. I can see that he did make repeated exchanges and I would suspect that the person bought the game and returned it after finding they didnt like the game. That's just not kosher and I'll point back to my "informed consumer" bit. Hell, hes a Blockbuster - rent the damn game first...    

5:12 AM

I disagree someone what, its us comsumers that put money in the pockets of counter jockeys like these, besides which paying £50 for a video game at retail is outragous and its only set to get higher! thats why I buy online and cut out the middle man and normally save about £10 on a game, so if the retail system has loopholes (7-14 days returns, no questions asked) in it then I say we should take advantage (hey what are loopholes for?) the only reason I would buy a game in a GAME store is if I wasnt %100 sure I would like it enough to keep it, that way I could take it home and if I finished it in under a week and IF I didnt enjoy it enough to make me want to play it again and again I would always take it back for a new game or a complete refund I mean its nuts that I should pay £50 for somthing thats over in a matter of hours and has no replay value, screw the people on the counters feelings, their they to serve us NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!    

12:18 PM

the only reason i like blockbuster gamerush is because i personally feel they have the BEST trade in deal. you trade in 3 titles and the game you want [$49.99..not sure about 59.99 x360 games] automatically becomes $29.99. on top of that, you still get the credit for the games you traded in. this is how i got halo 2 for $1.41 :]


7:03 AM

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