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Stupid Ass MySpace Bulletins [Round 1]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you: Stupid Ass MySpace Bulletins [R-1]

** CoUrTnEy **'s S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 18, 2005 5:07 PM
Subject: i hate when "guys in relationships" that are on myspace
Body: make it soo obvious that they're into another girl.. Oh you're soo beautiful.. Fuckin blow me!! that's fuckin pathetic, why not go fuck the bitch.. I'm in a bad mood.. being sick and finding shit on myspace isn't too fun!! Hope everyone's night is better than mine!

ash ♥ weee's S.A.M.S.B.
Subject: i kissed spencer
Body: I'm sorry to break it to you, but since you opened this bulletin you will die at midnight.
a man will appear at the front of your bed with a knife and will kill
you until you are dead.
send this in 10 minutes saying "I kissed ________ (the poster of this bulletin)" and you will live.
and at 2:00 tomorrow the most amazing thing in your life will

KaTeLyN's S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 17, 2005 6:26 PM
Subject: thick chick
Body: Its pretty sickening how alot of guys dont like "THICKER THAN THE NORM chicks" i mean wtf is wrong with society today?? who says u gotta weigh 115 to be hot? beautiful? sexy? thats bullshit!! if u agree with this then re-post it and sign ur name at the bottom!!
Love, Sunny
1. Sunny
2. Brad
3. Diana
4. Anna
5. MrFurious
6. Christa - (who wants all BONES and no soft curves? LOL)
8. Denarius
9. TrOpIcWaHiNe (JuNe)
10. Ana
11. Joey
12. RaQueL - (More Cushion for the pushing haha)
13. Cari - Fat can be hot ;)
14. Massimo----
15. soFtdiVinEss--- thats what we need!!
16. The Black House Gang- Gurl Gotta Have Some Booty
17.Diva~ shyt look at my thyck sexy ass lol
18. Peanut - GoTTa LoVe THeM THiCK GiRLs
19. Lissa ~ DaMN StRaIGhT!!!
20. da king~~~~ but ofcourse
23.emma aka miss kinky aka lady spadez- shit da niggaz i noe love thick gurlz soo gyhea dey noes whas up :-]
24. Katelyn.. damm straight.. im a thick chick but u gotta love me

♥ RAINBOW ♥'s S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 16, 2005 12:34 AM
Body: This is the Secret FUCK BUDDY Game. Im pretty sure everyone on here wants to be FUCK BUDDIES with at least one person on MySpace. So here are the rules.
If you want to be a FUCK BUDDY with me.. reply to this telling me! But you must repost this if you wanna see who wants to be your FUCK BUDDY. Have fun! The results are gonna suprise you and might get you lucky ;)
Repost this or u will have a bad sex life forever

ash ♥ weee's other S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 13, 2005 11:39 PM
Subject: wud yo0h..with me?
Its time to have someone to cuddle. The nights are getting colder and you need someone to keep you warm!
Will you cuddle with me?
-- Re*post this and see how many people want to cuddle with YOU. If you do, you will have good luck for the next 7 years! So, get to posting! --

Stupid Ass MySpace Bulletins [Round 1] - Friday, October 21, 2005 -

12:24 AM

i especially enjoy the anti-chain letter bulletins that tell you to repost if you agree    

2:42 AM

Who HASNT heard of this Samy dude, what an ego trip that must have been huh? I think he's still liking all of the popularity. I wrote a few things about him on my blog:

ha, I think Myspace should recode everything.. so far now they have banned .swf [flash files] and the embed tag...basicaly taking videos out of everyones pages as well, I dont think they'll be too happy about that haha banning these things will basically kill myspace... and it's popularity...    

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