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Brittany: Revisted
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Edge can dig it..
She plays the piano
PayPal Sucks!!
Smoking Chimp kicks the habit...
Sony pulls a "Jesus" ad in Italy
Happy Birfday Bobo!!
Carlos Mencia is NOT a "beaner".
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boboblackshe3p: yeee HAW!
boboblackshe3p: jagermeister for bobo
boboblackshe3p: freeeeee
DrunkenMasterFu: i am a jealous Fu
boboblackshe3p: this is great
boboblackshe3p: im telling you
boboblackshe3p: me you kap mike colin
boboblackshe3p: evertyone!
boboblackshe3p: should get togeyther
boboblackshe3p: get DRUNIK
boboblackshe3p: and play HSALOP
boboblackshe3p: HALOPP
boboblackshe3p: HELLO
boboblackshe3p: :]
DrunkenMasterFu: you lost me at "this is great"

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A Ravishing 3" of WOOD

boboblackshe3p: i made something for you
boboblackshe3p: :]
boboblackshe3p wants to directly connect.
boboblackshe3p: connect or die!
C0lin46and2 is now directly connected.

[File size reduced]

C0lin46and2: hawt
boboblackshe3p: lol
boboblackshe3p: 4 megs of rude
boboblackshe3p: :[
C0lin46and2: 4 megs gave me 3 inches of wood
boboblackshe3p: wtf
boboblackshe3p: hahah
C0lin46and2: solid 3 inches
boboblackshe3p: hahahahaha
boboblackshe3p: of rude
C0lin46and2: of wood
boboblackshe3p: hahahaha
C0lin46and2: why'd you make that?
boboblackshe3p: because
boboblackshe3p: its rick rude
boboblackshe3p: rick rude is the man
boboblackshe3p: i used to do his dances and shit when i was younger
boboblackshe3p: in my underwear
C0lin46and2: that's so gay
C0lin46and2: I hated him
boboblackshe3p: i liked the guy
boboblackshe3p: he was a great wrestler
boboblackshe3p: and a ladies man with fucked up hair and a stache
boboblackshe3p: :[
C0lin46and2: porn star stache
boboblackshe3p: indeed
boboblackshe3p: he was pimp

A Ravishing 3" of WOOD - Sunday, October 16, 2005 -

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