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GPx2 =/= Gizmondo?

I am very content with my PSP but the GPX2 (aka Game Park X 2) looks really nice. It baiscly does what the PSP does except all the fantastic 3D graphics but it runs Linux and emulates MUCH better than the PSP. And isn't as sucky as the Gizmondo (incase you never heard of it, don't worry it's crap)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

• Powerful Dual core CPU: Dual core 'ARM920T, ARM940T' is embedded in GP2X. Enjoy cutting edge music, movies, and games with powerful dual CPU.
• Entertainment follows you: Replays MPEG, XviD, WMV DivX format digital contents up to 720*480 pixels and supports caption. Watch vivid motion pictures on the high resolution 3.5" 170,000 colors TFT LCD.
• Enjoy Games with GP2X now! CPU which has 2D accelerator enables you enjoy games anytime anywhere. Meet the exclusive GPX2 games along with abundant emulators.
• Realizes a powerful digital sound, and supports various audio codec: Replays music in MP3, WMA, OGG format on the multi-codec MP3 player. Listen to 100mw of true high quality sound.
• Electronic Album-JPG BMP Support: You can download and view photos taken on a digital camera through your PC. Enlargement, abridgment is available from 320*240 up to 1024*768 and you can rotate Images up to 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, Supports JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF files.
• Read a text file with GP2X now! You can read electronic novels and any other text files through the text viewer. Besides you can use enlargement and abridgment function when you read a text file.
• Simply upgrade firmware on GP2X website: Enhance your product quality continuously by downloading on the GPX2 website.
• USB 2.0 high speed: You can get a file of 500Mbps with USB 2.0 which is connected with PC.
• 2AA Batteries: You can watch 320*240(30frame) of video file for approximately 8 hours and listen to mp3 file for approximately 14 hours (LCD off ) continuously with 2AA batteries.
• PC Development: Basic development: Linux. Windows: Enabled via Cygwin installation.
• Open SDK Library: Supports software development library: SDL (Simple Direct Library), Basic Library, Graphic library (Sound library), Hardware I/O library
• Formerly also announced as "GPX2 Game System"
• Color: Black

And it's only $179.99 US!!

I am accutally consider picking one up!

Offical GPx2 site

GPx2 =/= Gizmondo? - Wednesday, October 26, 2005 -

6:34 PM

i was seriously SERIOUSLY going to buy a gizmondo. the gps feature had me SOLD but i think im going to get the gpx-2 instead. its sexier and does almost as much as the gizmondo/psp.

plus its super affordable. the problem is finding a 2 gig sd card for a reasonable price.    

6:39 PM

on another note, for anyone thats interested in getting this, tiger direct has some of the best deals on sd cards. 1 gig is like $59.99


8:05 PM

Yea the GP2 looks really cool... Is it even going to be released here in the states? I'll probably never get one tho... :(    

8:05 PM

^GPx2 rather^    

11:25 AM

www.liksang.com will carry them. www.playasia.com will also have some.

im getting mine from playasia


5:01 AM

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