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MF Doom host AS Christmas Eve
No one really posts on here anymore.
AIM Quotes: The Rebirth
Sorry to the Fluffers....
I'm still here
Brooke Burke & "The King"
Lohan admits she was a Crack Head..
That's Racist!
The Government planned 9/11
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boboblackshe3p: should get togeyther
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Floyd Gots a Blog is back up!

My old blog Floyd Gots a Blog is back up after MONTHS of neglect.

So check it out at Floyd Gots a Blog

Floyd Gots a Blog is back up! - Monday, October 31, 2005 -

Bobo's Monkey is...Back?

It's not the same Monkey [damn you Robert Brenner..Howard...whatever] but it'll do.

Meet Monkey...2. Kat snapped some pics of it out and about.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Love the Monkey and enjoy it's company because you'll see lots of it. And in case you're wondering, no it won't be traveling around the Country. Blame it on Robert Brenner..Howard..whatever his name is.

Goddamn it, the 211 pwns me again..

- Bobo

Bobo's Monkey is...Back? - Sunday, October 30, 2005 -

San FranJELLO?

What do you get when you have too much time and lots of Jello? Well if you are Elizabeth Hickock, you make a replica of San Fransisco out of Jello...It's like San Fransisco, minus the gays.

(Joking about the gay thing...)

via Cool Hunting

San FranJELLO? - -

Don't Go To Wal-Mart....

to try out an Xbox 360.

Why you ask?

Because nasty ass bitches like this one may have licked the controller and who knows what else. :(

Don't Go To Wal-Mart.... - -

Cartoons? For FREE?

DFD plays that!

Frederator Studios, the folks originally behind many hit Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows, is announcing its latest project: Channel Frederator, the World’s Original Cartoon Podcast. These are made for Ipods, but you can also watch them on your computer.

Subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Download


Cartoons? For FREE? - Saturday, October 29, 2005 -

We are fluffier than a cotton ball!

Yes sir!

We are fluffier than a cotton ball! - Friday, October 28, 2005 -

Fluff Noooz

The Forum has been closed for good today because no one posted there. There was honestly no point in letting it go on any longer. The last post was by Kiros on October 11th. That's right bitches, October 11th!! The ShoutBox should do just fine since the ShoutBox gets more love anyway..

IGTBF's Logo was updated. That Googleish font is gone! Gone forever! The new logo is a bit "fluffy-err" and stuff. Umm, yeah.

In other news, Kat loves Eggs. She even said it herself:

oooh its katrina: i L0ove eggs
oooh its katrina: i want to buy eggs

..That is all.

Fluff Noooz - -

I Love Eggs.

Eggs! Get your eggs here! Wiggle jiggle yellow middle thats the best of what you are I love you Egg :] Come into my tummy oh so very yummy. crack crack crack. Eggs I really love you like the sky above! we love eggs

The Egg Song. WHY?! Where does all this nonsense come from and why do people make it up? A song about eggs?! Anyway -- enjoy. It's great. http://www.iloveegg.com

I want eggs, but MUNNY comes out November 3rd =]

I Love Eggs. - -

What Was That Game?!

Have you ever gone crazy trying to remember a computer or video game you used to play but can't remember the name of? What Was That Game is the site you need!

Wikis are fucking awesome, They got 'em for everything nowadays.

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (demo level) is finally out for all you PC Gamers out there. Don't get too excited, It requires really high system specs. If your system does not meet the minimum requirements to run Lost Coast, a friendly message saying that you can't check out the level will come up. You also need to own Half-Life 2 for PC, and have to have Steam installed in order to play. For more details check SteamPowered.com

A random pic from my collection just for fun:

What Was That Game?! - Thursday, October 27, 2005 -

The O RRY?!

And there you have it people, the best "O RLY?!" ever.
The O RRY?! - Wednesday, October 26, 2005 -

DFD Is Here!

Thanks to Bobo for letting me join this great site. Really excited to help out.

So DFD is here?

Damn straight. You may also know me as solisnk or "The Matrix". Anyways, Enough of that

What was the #1 Song on the day that you were born?

Pretty cool, too bad mine was Baby Don’t Forget My Number - Milli Vanilli.

More coming soon...

DFD Is Here! - -

GPx2 =/= Gizmondo?

I am very content with my PSP but the GPX2 (aka Game Park X 2) looks really nice. It baiscly does what the PSP does except all the fantastic 3D graphics but it runs Linux and emulates MUCH better than the PSP. And isn't as sucky as the Gizmondo (incase you never heard of it, don't worry it's crap)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

• Powerful Dual core CPU: Dual core 'ARM920T, ARM940T' is embedded in GP2X. Enjoy cutting edge music, movies, and games with powerful dual CPU.
• Entertainment follows you: Replays MPEG, XviD, WMV DivX format digital contents up to 720*480 pixels and supports caption. Watch vivid motion pictures on the high resolution 3.5" 170,000 colors TFT LCD.
• Enjoy Games with GP2X now! CPU which has 2D accelerator enables you enjoy games anytime anywhere. Meet the exclusive GPX2 games along with abundant emulators.
• Realizes a powerful digital sound, and supports various audio codec: Replays music in MP3, WMA, OGG format on the multi-codec MP3 player. Listen to 100mw of true high quality sound.
• Electronic Album-JPG BMP Support: You can download and view photos taken on a digital camera through your PC. Enlargement, abridgment is available from 320*240 up to 1024*768 and you can rotate Images up to 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, Supports JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF files.
• Read a text file with GP2X now! You can read electronic novels and any other text files through the text viewer. Besides you can use enlargement and abridgment function when you read a text file.
• Simply upgrade firmware on GP2X website: Enhance your product quality continuously by downloading on the GPX2 website.
• USB 2.0 high speed: You can get a file of 500Mbps with USB 2.0 which is connected with PC.
• 2AA Batteries: You can watch 320*240(30frame) of video file for approximately 8 hours and listen to mp3 file for approximately 14 hours (LCD off ) continuously with 2AA batteries.
• PC Development: Basic development: Linux. Windows: Enabled via Cygwin installation.
• Open SDK Library: Supports software development library: SDL (Simple Direct Library), Basic Library, Graphic library (Sound library), Hardware I/O library
• Formerly also announced as "GPX2 Game System"
• Color: Black

And it's only $179.99 US!!

I am accutally consider picking one up!

Offical GPx2 site

GPx2 =/= Gizmondo? - -

Preparing for the Xbox 360 launch pt. 2

I made some phone calls today. I called the WalMart, Best Buy and Super-Kmart in my area. Let me break it down for you:

[WalMart phone call]
WalMart Lady: "Thank you for calling WalMart this is _______ how can I help you?"
Bobo: "Can I be transferred to Electronics please?"
WalMart Lady: "Please hold.."
[Insert corny hold music here]
Electronics Dept. Dumbass: "Electronics"
Bobo: "Umm...can I buy an Xbox 360 on November 22nd at Midnight?"
Electronics Dept. Dumbass: .....
Electronics Dept. Dumbass: "No.."
Bobo: "Aren't you open 24 hours.?"
Electronics Dept. Dumbass: "Yes we are."
Bobo: "And I can't buy an Xbox 360 at Midnight? It'll officially be launch day."
Electronics Dept. Dumbass: "No.."
Bobo: [Hangs up]

Now I know that I read on TeamXbox that you can buy Xbox 360's at Midnight at WalMart. Hell, I bought Tomb Raider the Movie when it came out at 1am in a WalMart in TX so what's so different about wanting to buy an Xbox 360 at Midnight?

I called Super K-Mart next and the Electronics Dept. guy said the store is open 24 hours but Electronics closes at 10. They'd re-open at 7am on the 22nd.

After that call, I called Best Buy to see if they were doing any sort of Midnight Madness. The lady asked the Manager and they said they didn't have anything planned yet. She also told me to check back later on. Some Best Buys [in other States] are doing a Midnight launch..

As I find out more, I'll be sure to post it up. Now I kind of wish I pre ordered my Xbox 360 but fear not! I'll get my Xbox 360...

Preparing for the Xbox 360 launch pt. 2 - Tuesday, October 25, 2005 -

Munny. Everybody needs Munny.

November 3. The release of Kid Robot's Munny. Who the hell is Munny? Munny is tight. It's a do-it-yourself toy & a way to express your artistic side. I'm excited to purchase a Munny. We Love Munny! YAY!

Advertise: Buy a Munny. http://www.kidrobot.com/munny

Munny. Everybody needs Munny. - Monday, October 24, 2005 -

Preparing for the Xbox 360 launch

It's game time! With a little under one Month to go, I've started getting my money together in an attempt to get my Xbox 360 from...Walmart. Kiros and I will be "camping out" in Walmart. The original plan was to sit in front of Best Buy, but what's the point of doing that when Walmart is open 24 hours?

Best Buy is supposedly having a Midnight launch in certain areas. I haven't called my local Best Buy to confirm it yet, but I'm definitely going to do so in a day or two. The Walmart "camp out" should be interesting though. You see, all we have to do is go to the Sporting Good's aisle, grab a couple of folding chairs, buy some snacks from Chip/Soda/Etc aisle, head back to Electronics and setup shop. Sure, we might look like a bunch of nerds but I WANT MY GODDAMN XBOX 360!

There's no telling how many other people have the same idea we have but we'll soon find out. I'm going to "scout" Walmart around 6pm and if no one's there, Kiros and I will get there around 8pm. Since Xbox 360 officially launches on the 22nd, we should get ours at Midnight and go home happy.

I plan on buying the Premium system for $400, and in addition, buying 3 extra games. The games I plan on getting are Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Dead or Alive 4. I'll go back in a few days and get Condemned: Criminal Origins, and maybe..MAYBE Need For Speed Most Wanted, which unfortunately, is a port.

I'll keep the Xbox 360 launch plan updated. Check back for more info..


After reading a Thread over at Team Xbox, it seems like Kiros and I will be just fine getting our Xbox 360's. They are being sold at Midnight and there will be a special place to line up. I think I'm still going to make arrangements to get to Walmart an hour or two earlier. You never know what the "Crazy Christmas Moms" have in store..
Preparing for the Xbox 360 launch - -

Prussian Blue: Racist Jailbait!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is the kinda stuff that makes me want to punch those Aryan Pride (the racist ones) in the face. Using little girls that have some kinda talent do to their preaching of ignorant racsim.

Feel free to spam their Forums with pictures of sucessful blacks, mexicans, and jews.

That'll rattle their cages.

Prussian Blue: Racist Jailbait! - Sunday, October 23, 2005 -

I wanna post too.

I'm cool and fluffy.

Hi I'm Kat ;D
------------------------------ REViSED
oMG Pie r sQuaReDDDD: you are so SO gay
oooh its katrina: WHY?!
oooh its katrina: im fluffy.
oooh its katrina: and shit.
oooh its katrina: or something
oMG Pie r sQuaReDDDD: hmm i'm not buying the fluffy part
oMG Pie r sQuaReDDDD: what makes you so fluffy?
oooh its katrina: hellooooo
oooh its katrina: why else would i be on ITS GOTTA BE FLUFF if i wasn't fluffy!

I wanna post too. - -

Stupid Ass MySpace Bulletins [Round 1]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you: Stupid Ass MySpace Bulletins [R-1]

** CoUrTnEy **'s S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 18, 2005 5:07 PM
Subject: i hate when "guys in relationships" that are on myspace
Body: make it soo obvious that they're into another girl.. Oh you're soo beautiful.. Fuckin blow me!! that's fuckin pathetic, why not go fuck the bitch.. I'm in a bad mood.. being sick and finding shit on myspace isn't too fun!! Hope everyone's night is better than mine!

ash ♥ weee's S.A.M.S.B.
Subject: i kissed spencer
Body: I'm sorry to break it to you, but since you opened this bulletin you will die at midnight.
a man will appear at the front of your bed with a knife and will kill
you until you are dead.
send this in 10 minutes saying "I kissed ________ (the poster of this bulletin)" and you will live.
and at 2:00 tomorrow the most amazing thing in your life will

KaTeLyN's S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 17, 2005 6:26 PM
Subject: thick chick
Body: Its pretty sickening how alot of guys dont like "THICKER THAN THE NORM chicks" i mean wtf is wrong with society today?? who says u gotta weigh 115 to be hot? beautiful? sexy? thats bullshit!! if u agree with this then re-post it and sign ur name at the bottom!!
Love, Sunny
1. Sunny
2. Brad
3. Diana
4. Anna
5. MrFurious
6. Christa - (who wants all BONES and no soft curves? LOL)
8. Denarius
9. TrOpIcWaHiNe (JuNe)
10. Ana
11. Joey
12. RaQueL - (More Cushion for the pushing haha)
13. Cari - Fat can be hot ;)
14. Massimo----
15. soFtdiVinEss--- thats what we need!!
16. The Black House Gang- Gurl Gotta Have Some Booty
17.Diva~ shyt look at my thyck sexy ass lol
18. Peanut - GoTTa LoVe THeM THiCK GiRLs
19. Lissa ~ DaMN StRaIGhT!!!
20. da king~~~~ but ofcourse
23.emma aka miss kinky aka lady spadez- shit da niggaz i noe love thick gurlz soo gyhea dey noes whas up :-]
24. Katelyn.. damm straight.. im a thick chick but u gotta love me

♥ RAINBOW ♥'s S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 16, 2005 12:34 AM
Body: This is the Secret FUCK BUDDY Game. Im pretty sure everyone on here wants to be FUCK BUDDIES with at least one person on MySpace. So here are the rules.
If you want to be a FUCK BUDDY with me.. reply to this telling me! But you must repost this if you wanna see who wants to be your FUCK BUDDY. Have fun! The results are gonna suprise you and might get you lucky ;)
Repost this or u will have a bad sex life forever

ash ♥ weee's other S.A.M.S.B.
Date: Oct 13, 2005 11:39 PM
Subject: wud yo0h..with me?
Its time to have someone to cuddle. The nights are getting colder and you need someone to keep you warm!
Will you cuddle with me?
-- Re*post this and see how many people want to cuddle with YOU. If you do, you will have good luck for the next 7 years! So, get to posting! --

Stupid Ass MySpace Bulletins [Round 1] - Friday, October 21, 2005 -

Ashlee Simpson VS George Washington

Ashlee Simpson VS George Washington - -

The Big Hilary Pics List

Yes, I've come across the biggest list of Hilary Pics [URL's of course] that I've ever seen. Whether you will use them or not is up to you. To download all the pictures, I used Free Download Manager. It worked wonders. All I had to do was save all the URLS as a list in a .txt file and Import them into the program. Free Download Manager did everything else. To view the complete list of URL's, click here.

The Big Hilary Pics List - Monday, October 17, 2005 -

A Ravishing 3" of WOOD

boboblackshe3p: i made something for you
boboblackshe3p: :]
boboblackshe3p wants to directly connect.
boboblackshe3p: connect or die!
C0lin46and2 is now directly connected.

[File size reduced]

C0lin46and2: hawt
boboblackshe3p: lol
boboblackshe3p: 4 megs of rude
boboblackshe3p: :[
C0lin46and2: 4 megs gave me 3 inches of wood
boboblackshe3p: wtf
boboblackshe3p: hahah
C0lin46and2: solid 3 inches
boboblackshe3p: hahahahaha
boboblackshe3p: of rude
C0lin46and2: of wood
boboblackshe3p: hahahaha
C0lin46and2: why'd you make that?
boboblackshe3p: because
boboblackshe3p: its rick rude
boboblackshe3p: rick rude is the man
boboblackshe3p: i used to do his dances and shit when i was younger
boboblackshe3p: in my underwear
C0lin46and2: that's so gay
C0lin46and2: I hated him
boboblackshe3p: i liked the guy
boboblackshe3p: he was a great wrestler
boboblackshe3p: and a ladies man with fucked up hair and a stache
boboblackshe3p: :[
C0lin46and2: porn star stache
boboblackshe3p: indeed
boboblackshe3p: he was pimp

A Ravishing 3" of WOOD - Sunday, October 16, 2005 -

Brittany: Revisted

She came down to LA yesterday and we had a great night...party that got broken up when we got there (though I was there earlier and my homey Ace got BUCK!).

She is grown up from the small quiet little girl from elemntary school and middle school. Too bad something so beautiful lives so far away :(

Brittany: Revisted - Saturday, October 15, 2005 -

Christina Milian's Tidday Is Beautiful!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I don't even have to comment further, just click.

Christina Milian's Tidday Is Beautiful! - Wednesday, October 12, 2005 -

Edge can dig it..

The question is: "Can you?". I admit, I used to be a HUGE Lita fan but times have changed. It seems like she doesn't do much in the WWE anymore. I haven't followed RAW/SMACKDOWN as much as I should've but when I do and I see Lita, she's just..There..With Edge..And stuff. No Hurricanrana, no Twist of Fate, just a skimpy top that reveals a bit of a Tidday. Terrible! Show an actual Tidday and I'll be your #1 Fan.

Edge can dig it.. - -

She plays the piano

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Well actually she was on my computator, and well I photoshopped.

She plays the piano - Monday, October 10, 2005 -

PayPal Sucks!!

Ever since PayEnemy stole $513.24 from my Account, I've been looking for a better Company to use. I've tried everything, even sorry ass GreenZap which looked promising, but in the end, wasn't.

Well, while browsing paypalsucks.com yesterday I came across a link to EasyPay80. Not sure what the hell the 80 in the title means, but whatever. I gave it a shot. I got $5 for signing up [REAL CASH], and I also get $5 for every referral. I wonder where these people get the Money to do such a thing from. Hmm...

Anyways, if you're looking for a solution to PayEnemy [lol], I say go with EasyPay 80. I think a bunch of once dedicated ex-PayPal users run the show. The best part is that you can fund your account over the phone. Someone can even pay for something you may have sold in an Auction over the phone via 800 number. Sweet!

My only gripe is the goddamn User Interface. It's pretty simplistic. I hope it changes sometime soon..

- Bobo

PayPal Sucks!! - Thursday, October 06, 2005 -


Because I was bored, I used my .30 Cent development "budget" but only could go as far as making the Title Screen. MegaMan 3 was kind of "my inspiration". I even got the Title Screen music! Enjoy it until it falls off of the front page. :]

FluffCom's budget isn't much.. :[

HyperBoboMan - Wednesday, October 05, 2005 -

Smoking Chimp kicks the habit...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

China knows how to treat their zoo animals. I mean they let a Chimp get addicted to cigs for 16 years, but no more! The chimp has kicked the habit.

The addiction appearntly happened when her two spouses died, her daughter left (did she write for the OC?)

And in other news my dog has appearntly kicked his black tar heroine habit.


Smoking Chimp kicks the habit... - Tuesday, October 04, 2005 -