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boboblackshe3p: yeee HAW!
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boboblackshe3p: this is great
boboblackshe3p: im telling you
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boboblackshe3p: evertyone!
boboblackshe3p: should get togeyther
boboblackshe3p: get DRUNIK
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boboblackshe3p: HALOPP
boboblackshe3p: HELLO
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DrunkenMasterFu: you lost me at "this is great"

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The Paxil doesn't seem to be helping..

Paxil [Paroxetime]: A selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor commonly prescribed as an antidepressant.

My Roomate takes Anti-Depressants. They make him do weird things!

SheSheSaidSo: i just laughed and hung up
SheSheSaidSo: likee omgg that night he called me "katrrrrinaa im in jail & its your fault"
MistahBoboSir: hahahaha
SheSheSaidSo: loll weirdo. that was the best. i think if i stayed at that party. nothing thatt bad would have happened. oh well :D
MistahBoboSir: nah
MistahBoboSir: he must have done something to get jumped
MistahBoboSir: people dont get jumped for nothing
SheSheSaidSo: the people at the party told me what happened
SheSheSaidSo: coz they kept asking me if ive seen him and stuff.
SheSheSaidSo: he told me to never tell anyone & he said he'd stop drinking alcohol after that night, but it happened again at cyndies house.
SheSheSaidSo: and he liked cyndie or whatever and fucked that allll up.
MistahBoboSir: wait..so what happened?
MistahBoboSir: at cyndies?
SheSheSaidSo: he told me to never tell anyone so dont say anything, but the story is just too funny to me.
MistahBoboSir: k
SheSheSaidSo: the day he got beat up by 6 samoans he was like running around all crazy & breaking fences at their house. he went in the house and started shit with the girl's uncle & started to disrespect their family and house.. well you saw his face.
MistahBoboSir: hahaha yeah.
SheSheSaidSo: he fell flat on the concrete on his face jumping a fence
SheSheSaidSo: and he was screaming in the middle of the street.
MistahBoboSir: hahahahahaahhahahhahhhahhahahahahhaahaahaha
MistahBoboSir: w..t..f
SheSheSaidSo: AT cyndies housee :]
MistahBoboSir: DAMN
SheSheSaidSo: he got super drunk like that again
SheSheSaidSo: his excuse was "i didnt even want to drink. i just drank because me and cyndie were going to be drinking together"
SheSheSaidSo: That
SheSheSaidSo: is
MistahBoboSir: so he fell on his face AFTER he got beat up?
SheSheSaidSo: LOVE <3
SheSheSaidSo: he fell on his face before he did.
MistahBoboSir: or the same night
MistahBoboSir: hahahahah
MistahBoboSir: ahh
SheSheSaidSo: then cyndies house. drunk drunk. he was like hella feeling on cyndie.
MistahBoboSir: so he falls on his face, gets beat up, then like goes home all butt hurt
MistahBoboSir: then goes to cyndies
MistahBoboSir: and gets drunk again?
SheSheSaidSo: oh no no no
SheSheSaidSo: cyndie's house was a few weekends after
MistahBoboSir: =[
MistahBoboSir: ahhh
MistahBoboSir: so he was feeling cyndie up and she didnt like it
MistahBoboSir: ahh
SheSheSaidSo: so she walked to another room
SheSheSaidSo: and he followed her
SheSheSaidSo: and kissed her and she said "i canttt your my bestfriends ex" he got really pissed off
SheSheSaidSo: drank more got more drunk.
MistahBoboSir: tell more..
MistahBoboSir: =]
SheSheSaidSo: then cyndie went missing w/ someee boy :]
MistahBoboSir: NICE!
SheSheSaidSo: and nokoni was mad he broke the screen to cyndies window.
SheSheSaidSo: to go outside loll
MistahBoboSir: wtf
MistahBoboSir: hahah
SheSheSaidSo: and was walking around the neighborhood
SheSheSaidSo: and mark and david didnt know where he was and stuff
SheSheSaidSo: he was jumping into bushes pretending to be a ninja
SheSheSaidSo: he was trying to start fights with EVERYONE there.
SheSheSaidSo: and getting in everyones face.
MistahBoboSir: goddamn. he needs to lay off his meds..weirdo
MistahBoboSir: omg..
MistahBoboSir: hes lucky he didnt get jumped again
SheSheSaidSo: my friend romar wanted to beat him upp so bad.
SheSheSaidSo: romar was at your house yesterday :]
MistahBoboSir: yes yes
SheSheSaidSo: he was so excited to see nokoni
SheSheSaidSo: he doesnt like nokoni
MistahBoboSir: HA! pwned
SheSheSaidSo: but he acts so dumb when hes drunk
MistahBoboSir: that tends to happen when u get drunk on meds and act like an class a idiot
MistahBoboSir: yup
SheSheSaidSo: mark told me. he was a little bit like this even before his meds
SheSheSaidSo: its just worse x10 now.
MistahBoboSir: hahaha. i kinda wanna go to a party with him and observe
MistahBoboSir: like get it on video
SheSheSaidSo: ME TOO!!
MistahBoboSir: and put it on muchosucko.com

The Paxil doesn't seem to be helping.. - Tuesday, August 09, 2005 -

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