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Late Registration, more like muscial masturbation!

I like Kanye West. I'm not going to bs, I think his ego and attitude is REAL, the man stays true to how he feels and dosen't hold himself back. For that alot of people don't like him for that and will definately come down on his music for that but if you do you're dumb. Kanye's new production Late Registration is probably one of the best albums all year next to Common's Be.

Kanye grew up a little with this CD and is more soulful. He and co-producer Jon Brion got the songs sounding absolutely amazing. It's a much cleaner sound than what was heard on College Dropout.

And obviously you want to know "Is it better than College Dropout?!", the answer is simply not exactly. While the album sports some better tracks than Dropout it dosen't exactly match the impact that it had.

Late Registration is still an amazing album none the less. Tracks like " Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix" featuring Jay-Z make the album worth owning, Jay-Z spits a quick little flow that makes you want him back in the game. Kanye stuffs the soul in the album with "Roses", "Heard 'Em Say" feat. Adam Levine from Maroon 5, and "Hey Mama" which is a beautiful tribute to his mother.

Kanye dosen't forget the streets with "Gone", "Crack Music" feat. The Game, and "Drive Slow" feat. Paul Wall and GLC. Strangely enough I didn't care for Paul Wall's mouth-full-of-bling white ass. But he showed me he could acctually write a decent flow and "Drive Slow" turned into one of my favorite tracks in the album.

The radio songs as I like to call them are "Gold Digger" feat. Jamie Foxx (which btw HE SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE RAY CHARLES IT IS INSANE!, "Touch The Sky" feat. Lupe Fiasco, and "Addiction". Out of all the songs I liked "Addiction" alot, while if you listen closely you can hear Kanye's famous (and sometimes hated bongo) but it's got a catchy tune.

The ONLY bad song is "Bring Me Down" featuring Brandy, while it must be a favor returned for "Talk About Our Love" on her Afrodisiac album. The song just haults the train to slow and sappy tune. The song isn't bad persay (I exagerrated) it's just not something you'd want hear with all the upbeat songs Kanye has on the album besides "Roses" which is too heartfelt to be considered bad.

Lastly let's talk about a topic alot of people seems to be in debate over. Kanye's flow. He raps like he has to be on the beat every second, it sounds like he playing around half the time and not really pouring out his emotion. One song does have Kanye sounding diffrent and that is "We Major" in which sounds like is short on breath. His rhymes flow well together and he has analogies and smilies out the ass, and that sorta what makes Kanye's flow his own. You can hate or love him lyrically but you gotta admit he has some catchy lines.

Overall, Late Registration is a fantastic album and I'd recomend it to anyone and I mean anyone. It gets:

/ 4 Fluffs!

Late Registration, more like muscial masturbation! - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 -

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