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Speed Syndicate Racing accepts good ol' Bobo

It's funny. I never thought my Car was good enough for any Car Club. I mean, it's nice and all, but its nothing to brag about. I was [well, am until I get my $100] in this Car Club called "Kaotics". The problem is..They don't do shit! No disrespect or anything but I personally feel that if I'm in there any longer I wont "excel" nor will my Car. By excel I mean move up, keep the modifications coming with my Car, etc.

There's no direction in Kaotics. There's some lack of respect as well. For instance, I suggested that Stefany, the President's girlfriend, should atleast look at and try out a Saturn when she told me she was going to trade her Honda Civic in and buy a new Car. Her answer? "Saturns are a piece of shit". Yes, exactly like that.

Now..If Saturns are "a piece of shit", why is my car even in, near, or affiliated with this Car Club? You weren't saying Saturns were "a piece of shit" when I was recruited. Close mindedness like that turns me off. I just don't like it. So after I get my $100 that the Pres owes me, it's over. Why quit now when the Pres owes me Money? I mean, they're not bad People or anything, I honestly just feel that they recruited me only to get their Member count up [which is about 7 Cars anyways].

Now Speed Syndicate; I hung out with them this past Sunday. They are the nicest bunch of people in a Car Club I've ever met. No ghettoness, no insults, no "my Car is better than yours", none of that. I felt welcomed..Very welcomed! I've got to attend a total of 3 Meets then I'll get my Windshield Banner. I might need two Windshield Banners tho because I've got to replace my Windshield anyways.

I won't keep rambling on about Cars and Car Clubs. I'll just provide some links below for you to check out.

Online Showoff - Bobo's 1995 Saturn SL
Speed Syndicate.net
Hyper Motorsports
Speed Syndicate Racing accepts good ol' Bobo - Monday, July 25, 2005 -

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