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boboblackshe3p: yeee HAW!
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boboblackshe3p: freeeeee
DrunkenMasterFu: i am a jealous Fu
boboblackshe3p: this is great
boboblackshe3p: im telling you
boboblackshe3p: me you kap mike colin
boboblackshe3p: evertyone!
boboblackshe3p: should get togeyther
boboblackshe3p: get DRUNIK
boboblackshe3p: and play HSALOP
boboblackshe3p: HALOPP
boboblackshe3p: HELLO
boboblackshe3p: :]
DrunkenMasterFu: you lost me at "this is great"

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Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones!

My Peanut Butter and Jelly session was interrupted by this:

mik3jones187 (12:40:55 PM): I'm Mike Jones Nigga!
Mik3 Jones 187 signed on at 12:42:08 PM.
MistahBoboSir (12:42:56 PM): ha, i dont think mike jones is smart enough to be "1337"
Mik3 Jones 187 signed on at 12:42:57 PM.
mik3jones187 (12:43:19 PM): Don't diss Mike Jones, I'm Mike Jones nigga.
MistahBoboSir (12:43:40 PM): great! tell your mom i said hi
mik3jones187 (12:43:54 PM): Ya, After I kill the bitch
MistahBoboSir (12:44:05 PM): =[
mik3jones187 (12:44:15 PM): Ya.
MistahBoboSir (12:45:05 PM): =[
mik3jones187 (12:45:28 PM): Ya, What's your cell #
mik3jones187 (12:45:31 PM): I ain't got one
mik3jones187 (12:45:53 PM): No more anyways
MistahBoboSir (12:45:55 PM): 281-330-8004
MistahBoboSir (12:46:00 PM): hit bobo up on the low
MistahBoboSir (12:46:05 PM): cos bobo about to blow
MistahBoboSir (12:46:06 PM): =[
mik3jones187 (12:46:18 PM): Nigga Please.
mik3jones187 (12:46:24 PM): That's my old numba
MistahBoboSir (12:46:38 PM): and my new number
mik3jones187 (12:46:45 PM): Don't be posin' as an ice col' nigga like Mike Jones.
MistahBoboSir (12:47:18 PM): who is mike jones?
mik3jones187 (12:47:27 PM): Mike Jones be me
MistahBoboSir (12:47:53 PM): if you know who you are they why do you keep askin it on your sorry ass album?
MistahBoboSir (12:47:58 PM): use google, mr. jones
mik3jones187 (12:48:11 PM): I am forgetful
mik3jones187 (12:48:15 PM): I am black and all
MistahBoboSir (12:48:21 PM): too many drugs
MistahBoboSir (12:48:27 PM): and always on that "drank"
mik3jones187 (12:48:28 PM): Probably, can't remember
MistahBoboSir (12:48:34 PM): oh...wood grain is wack
mik3jones187 (12:48:36 PM): Hellz Yeah.
MistahBoboSir (12:48:47 PM): and how do you cause pain in the turnin lane?
mik3jones187 (12:49:06 PM): I just do
mik3jones187 (12:49:14 PM): Don't ? Mike Jones
MistahBoboSir (12:49:47 PM): who?
mik3jones187 (12:49:58 PM): Ya, see
mik3jones187 (12:50:04 PM): Niggas need to know my name
mik3jones187 (12:50:09 PM): MIKE JONES!
MistahBoboSir (12:50:17 PM): who?
MistahBoboSir (12:50:51 PM): =[
MistahBoboSir (12:50:58 PM): and back then they didnt want you?
mik3jones187 (12:51:13 PM): I rubbe'
mik3jones187 (12:51:44 PM): I don't wear rubbers tho'
MistahBoboSir (12:52:41 PM): ol sorry ass
mik3jones187 (12:52:53 PM): Nigga what?
MistahBoboSir (12:53:18 PM): whomikejones.com
mik3jones187 (12:53:31 PM): ya
MistahBoboSir (12:53:35 PM): mikejonesonphonics.com
MistahBoboSir (12:53:36 PM): nigga
mik3jones187 (12:53:38 PM): whomikejones nigga who
mik3jones187 (12:53:45 PM): Ya, buy that shit
mik3jones187 (12:53:49 PM): and I'll sue
Mik3 Jones 187 signed off at 12:54:05 PM.

Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones! - Friday, July 22, 2005 -

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