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boboblackshe3p: yeee HAW!
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boboblackshe3p: freeeeee
DrunkenMasterFu: i am a jealous Fu
boboblackshe3p: this is great
boboblackshe3p: im telling you
boboblackshe3p: me you kap mike colin
boboblackshe3p: evertyone!
boboblackshe3p: should get togeyther
boboblackshe3p: get DRUNIK
boboblackshe3p: and play HSALOP
boboblackshe3p: HALOPP
boboblackshe3p: HELLO
boboblackshe3p: :]
DrunkenMasterFu: you lost me at "this is great"

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Saturn chatting

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JeffyGreenberg (10:29:10 AM): sl2 im'd me
JeffyGreenberg (10:29:16 AM): saying the truck was a fake, that he posted about
JeffyGreenberg (10:29:20 AM): he got an escort
JeffyGreenberg (10:29:24 AM): then he listed all these parts
JeffyGreenberg (10:29:28 AM): including a garret t3
JeffyGreenberg (10:29:31 AM): and i was like 'neat'
MistahBoboSir (10:33:05 AM): t3 for an escort?
MistahBoboSir (10:33:08 AM): what yr escort?
JeffyGreenberg (10:33:10 AM): 'apprently lol
JeffyGreenberg (10:33:14 AM): i dunno, i kinda blocked his ass
JeffyGreenberg (10:33:16 AM): he's annoying
JeffyGreenberg (10:33:20 AM): we banned him from spot
JeffyGreenberg (10:33:22 AM): and ricerocket too
MistahBoboSir (10:33:56 AM): hahaha
MistahBoboSir (10:33:59 AM): why ban
MistahBoboSir (10:34:05 AM): im suprised i wasnt banned yet cos im black
MistahBoboSir (10:34:08 AM): =x
JeffyGreenberg (10:34:11 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
JeffyGreenberg (10:34:14 AM): AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
MistahBoboSir (10:34:33 AM): =]
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:25 AM): black people don't drive saturns
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:31 AM): just punk kids and old rich white people
MistahBoboSir (10:35:32 AM): i do
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:36 AM): DUH bo
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:39 AM): i think it's a lie
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:46 AM): i think u drive a white 95' galant
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:49 AM): with three hubcaps
JeffyGreenberg (10:35:53 AM): no, two, and one donut tire
MistahBoboSir (10:35:58 AM): and the black people that DO drive saturns [minus me] treat them like shit..
MistahBoboSir (10:36:03 AM): nooooooo galant
MistahBoboSir (10:36:04 AM): =[
JeffyGreenberg (10:36:08 AM): donut tire?
JeffyGreenberg (10:36:11 AM): lol i g2g shower
JeffyGreenberg (10:36:17 AM): peace out sirrrrrr
JeffyGreenberg went away at 10:37:16 AM.

MistahBoboSir (10:17:08 AM): RICK
Phixx69 (10:17:17 AM): Heyo
Phixx69 (10:17:20 AM): Whats up
MistahBoboSir (10:17:25 AM): ngine knocki got my dohc..well it was free and i believe it had some ei
MistahBoboSir (10:17:30 AM): i want to swap heads
MistahBoboSir (10:17:53 AM): and umm i have a turbo from an 87 volvo?
MistahBoboSir (10:18:02 AM): i believe its the mitsubishi version tho
Phixx69 (10:19:43 AM): Hmm so before you even go into adding boost you need to take care of fuel.
Phixx69 (10:19:53 AM): Is the engine running ok so far?
Phixx69 (10:20:05 AM): and do you have the DOHC engine installed already?
MistahBoboSir (10:20:23 AM): i want to swap the heads. my sohc for the dohc
MistahBoboSir (10:20:27 AM): my engine runs fine
MistahBoboSir (10:20:42 AM): and i want a daily driver setup for the turbo..notihng MAJOr
MistahBoboSir (10:20:49 AM): trbo and engine were free
Phixx69 (10:22:59 AM): Hmm thinks. Well you will need to use the timing cover, chain, tentioner, oil pump, valve cover, EGR, head, intake manifold with injectors, Exhaust manifold, downpipe, wiring and PCM for the swap.
Phixx69 (10:23:13 AM): Now as for the Turbo. be sure it is the correct size.
Phixx69 (10:23:18 AM): you will also need an intercooler
MistahBoboSir (10:23:39 AM): the turbo...hmm only way is to show it to you.
MistahBoboSir (10:23:51 AM): i mean its a mitsubishi turbo from the 87 volvo
Phixx69 (10:24:12 AM): as for the pipes you will need I believe it was 2.0" cold pipes and 2.25" hot pipes for the intercooler.
MistahBoboSir (10:24:19 AM): i think the same one was used in the starion
MistahBoboSir (10:24:30 AM): ahh
Phixx69 (10:24:50 AM): Yes but the turbo should be carefully chosen since if you choose the wrong size it will boost either too early or too late.
Phixx69 (10:25:06 AM): The Starion was a lare turbo as I remember for a 1.9 liter
MistahBoboSir (10:25:22 AM): well, youll have to look at ut
MistahBoboSir (10:25:24 AM): lare?
Phixx69 (10:25:26 AM): It should be just a little bigger than a T28 turbo which is good for daily driving.
MistahBoboSir (10:25:36 AM): lemmie pull up the link
Phixx69 (10:26:32 AM): Ha ha I am working on making money for moving out and the Turbo for my car. So I am going to start doing mods for PS2 on the side.
MistahBoboSir (10:26:38 AM): This Mitsubishi TD05 is on a 1987 B230FT and was used in 1987-1989 model years. Note the wastegate is bolted to the exhaust manifold from the back side. This turbo is a factory rebuilt turbo. The original owners of the car didn't change oil very often, sometimes up to 12,xxx miles between changes. This turbo will put out more boost than the later Mitsubishi TD04, and the people who want lots of boost often use it. It has an integral CBV, as all the Mitsubishi turbos used on the 700/900 series do.
MistahBoboSir (10:26:43 AM): http://www.brickboard.com/FAQ/700-900/EngineTurboIdentification.htm
Phixx69 (10:27:32 AM): You will have to get a manifold made for this turbo. Since it is not a T3 you would have to send a flange to Steelweasel so he can make the proper connections for the turbo.
Phixx69 (10:29:11 AM): I am not sure if that will even fit also you will need to get a new waste gate since the starion ran pretty high boost. you need to get a waste gate down at 7 PSI or lower if possible!
MistahBoboSir (10:29:33 AM): leh poop
MistahBoboSir (10:29:35 AM): =[
MistahBoboSir (10:29:46 AM): how much for the manifold
MistahBoboSir (10:29:51 AM): and cant i just remove the a/c?
Phixx69 (10:30:14 AM): No removing the A/C will not give you enough room
Phixx69 (10:30:22 AM): You will also need 2 slim line fans
Phixx69 (10:30:46 AM): and a thermostat flip kit for the hoses to get them out of the way.
Phixx69 (10:30:55 AM): But the turbo is the most expensive part.
MistahBoboSir (10:31:04 AM): im sure
MistahBoboSir (10:31:05 AM): wait
MistahBoboSir (10:31:31 AM): http://itsgottabefluff.blogspot.com/2005/06/bobos-turbo.html
MistahBoboSir (10:31:38 AM): to confirm identification
MistahBoboSir (10:32:44 AM): which turbo does it loook like to you?
Phixx69 (10:35:56 AM): I have no idea without reading the numbers off it and then looking them up.
Phixx69 (10:36:08 AM): It looks like you may need to rebuild it too.
MistahBoboSir (10:36:19 AM): oh definitely a rebuild
MistahBoboSir (10:37:17 AM): it says
MistahBoboSir (10:37:21 AM): AiResearch
Phixx69 (10:37:21 AM): I can tell you that it is by Air Research. LOL
MistahBoboSir (10:37:23 AM): on it
MistahBoboSir (10:37:26 AM): just looked
MistahBoboSir (10:37:29 AM): hahah
MistahBoboSir (10:39:40 AM): Well crap..should I clean the damn thing and if so what with?
MistahBoboSir (10:39:44 AM): with what*
Phixx69 went away at 10:40:37 AM.
Phixx69 returned at 10:40:39 AM.
Phixx69 (10:41:15 AM): um like most metal parts in an engine carb cleaner lol
MistahBoboSir (10:41:26 AM): degreaser?
Phixx69 (10:42:10 AM): No just a can of cheep ass carb cleaner should do it. You can use a degreeser if you like though. Just do not get it on your hands. Degreeser is almost the same stuff as easy off
MistahBoboSir (10:42:34 AM): poop
MistahBoboSir (10:42:37 AM): ok carb cleaner it is
Phixx69 (10:43:08 AM): Other wise known as SodiumHydroxide. Which is stronger than used as the chemicals used for hair straighening. I am sure you have seen what happens when you get that on your skin.
Phixx69 (10:43:25 AM): 1. You will not feel it
Phixx69 (10:43:34 AM): 2. it will blister and eat your skin.
Phixx69 (10:43:59 AM): 3. you will feel it a day or 2 later when the flesh comes out of shock lol
MistahBoboSir (10:44:29 AM): oh crap
MistahBoboSir (10:44:30 AM): hahahaha
MistahBoboSir (10:44:32 AM): so much for that
MistahBoboSir (10:44:44 AM): well im off to get carb cleaner and see if i can pick up the dohc
MistahBoboSir (10:44:54 AM): then to price the head swap since i have most of the parts
Phixx69 (10:46:57 AM): If you want an easy way to degrees it then take it to the DIY car wash and use there degreeser and the high pressure hose. it may be cheaper
Saturn chatting - Monday, June 27, 2005 -

5:20 PM

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