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GreenZap: A Scam?

[From greenzapscam.com]

Greenzap’s New Address?
Category: General — admin2 @ 4:32 am
After Greenzap acknowledged the use of a Local San Diego Grocery rental box as being their address, and stated plans for a new headquarters. The latest email from Greenzap placed emphasis on going Gold or remaining Green, provided a new Greenzap address. The footnotes bearing :

GreenZap, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2005. GreenZap is a service mark of GreenZap, Inc.
4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 220
La Jolla, CA 92121
To unsubscribe, click here or send an email to: unsubscribe-919@up0.net

Nevertheless quick to investigate this new address, Stylez reports:

Re: Greenzap? Latest Greatest Payment Processor


new info:
this was at the footer of the most recent email inviting me to give them $100 to upgrade to “Gold Status” and get a GreenZap Debit card etc etc

GreenZap, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2005. GreenZap is a service mark of GreenZap, Inc.
4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 220
La Jolla, CA 92121
To unsubscribe, click here or send an email to: unsubscribe-919@up0.net

now look at this: http://mageethomson.com/

Turns out that if you call the number you’ll speak to a receptionist named Gabriella… these are ‘executive suites’ - whois information on mageethomson turns up the name: Eric Romaine and mt-invest.com … attempting to speak to someone at MageeThomson on the phone i got told they were in a meeting and would i like to leave a message… so i said YES… and got put through to the voicemail for The Regis Business Centre in La Jolla… The plot thickens… So I decide to call the company listed at suite 200 - Vaco Technology (http://www.vacotechnology.com)- i get the same receptionist… Gabriella…
So as a last effort… I get my friend to call magee thomson - the company listed at suite 220 (remember Gabriella claims to have no knowledge of GreenZap) - and ask for Alex Sonkin - she pauses.. then says “I have nobody listed here by that name” - interesting - seeing as this girl answers the phones for ALL of the companies on the second floor of that building (she told me this) - so you’d think if this WAS their address she’d know of an Alex Sonkin or indeed greenzap…

now im on hold - waiting to speak to the building manager for 4445 Eastgate Mall or someone responsible for leasing out offices on the second floor…

ooh surprise i got hung up on! so i call back and Gabriella makes a mistake… she ALMOST answers the phone REGIS BUSINESS CENTRE - but stops at REGIS… then corrects herself and answers “Magee Thomson how may i help you” - i call back and ask for kelley thompson the managing partner at magee thompson - and get hung up on again… so i call BACK again - right….

FINALLY i get to speak to Kelley Thomson. He’s a real nice guy.. He knows nothing about GreenZap and said he’d seen mail for them in the building but they are NOT at 220 - which is his suite and his company is NOTHING to do with them and has never heard of them - furthermore he is also going to notify the relevant agencies - I don’t doubt mr thomson at all. He was genuinely surprised at my call and was extremely concerned at the fact that these scammers were using his address. Googl’ing for Magee Thomson shows that they are, in fact, a legitimate company and I don’t think that they are involved in this at all. I’m now going to make another call to the San Diego Better Business Bureau. I bet GreenZap are STILL operating out of the Ralph’s PO BOX and send someone into the Foyer area of 4445 Eastgate Mall to collect any mail delivered there.. if the company isn’t listed in the buildings list… the mailman will leave the mail in the foyer area… this has been the case in any building of this type i have worked in, in the past….

Total Scam.
GreenZap: A Scam? - Tuesday, June 14, 2005 -

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