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Wrestlemania 21: A huge disappointment?

IGN gave it a 6/10. That's worse than Raw 1 and Raw 2. Then again, the Reviewer was obviously biased towards Sony. Here's something from TXB Forum:

Originally Posted by cnote_fan

Well, I'll put my two cents in right now. I could really give a crap about IGN's review. After reading the review IGN put out, it seems like Mr. Clayman has never played a wrestling game before in his life! I'll breaki it down real quick without sounding to "bradish":

IGN: "Presentation - The intros and special moves are spot-on. The menu system is difficult to navigate and the game chugs during transitions. = 7.5"

And his gripe is that "instead of previewing each item as it is selected, players have to choose the item and view it separately. Eventually, popping in and out of these menus became so tedious that it wasn't worth the trouble of adding extra details to the character." Which is pretty much the same in the previous Raw 2. This guy is crying because pressing Y doesn't let u preview the CAW changes you make & instead has to press B to look then press A to go fix it if he doesn't like it? WOW! One extra button too much? Please... Raw 2 gets an 8.0 though?

IGN: "Graphics -The player models are exceptional and animations are very realistic. This is one good-looking game. = 8.5"

Fine, but to me, I think WM21 deserves a better or same score as Raw 2, which received a 9.0? Thatz ok, I won't ***** over 0.5 points lol...

IGN - "Sound - Official wrestler themes and custom soundtracks counteract the outdated licensed music and poor voice-over work. = 6.0"

DUDE! How can DOR and SD vs. RAW get a 7.0 when they both have the exact same music??? SD barely HAD commentary and DOR didn't even try. Plus, the beauty of Xbox is being able to play custom soundtracks for CAW themes and, if this same bastard is right, during your match. I honestly would prefer listening to Disturbed while I powerbomb the **** out of Triple H instead of Public Enemy's Bring the Noise 54 times.

IGN: "Gameplay - The grappling system feels frustrating even with the addition of counters. This is due to the numerous issues concerning poor A.I. and collision detection. = 5.0"

Ok, this is a little more difficult to talk about considering I haven't had extensive hands-on experience. In the review, the ***** whines about A.I. glitches where "this first became apparent in career mode when a third wrestler entered the arena and teamed up with my opponent. While one character continued to fight, the extra wrestler circled the ring aimlessly." Now, unless my Xbox is really ****ty, that happened to me in Raw 2 once in a blue moon in which, first of all, my own enemy would help me kick the **** out of whoever I'm fighting, or just run in a circle if there were a lot of things happening at once in the ring. My friend also speaks about slow movement, which has always been typical for Raw and Raw 2. Mr. Clayman doesn't define slow however. Slower than...? Smackdown? Of course! What wrestler 20min. into a match throws 50 haymakers in a course of 20 seconds??? Smackdown is known for being fast and arcadish when it comes to striking. Thatz the only way you don't notice the ****ty PS2 graphics (low blow, sorry). His "collision detection" complaints are regarding "missing with an elbow drop doesn't just result in a bruised ego; it causes your character to writhe in pain for a few seconds leaving him vulnerable to a rebuttal." Hmmm... so he wants the character to get up a second later after flying off the top rope and slamming onto the mat from 15ft in the air. VERY believable. Now, to give Raw 2 a 9.0 for the same A.I. issues, giving DOR an 8.0 for the same collision detection issues, and giving WM21 a 5.0??? WHAT DA FFFFFFF...

IGN: "Lasting Appeal - There are a good number of gameplay modes and there is also online play, but these are both negated by the disturbing gameplay issues. = 6.5"

Hmmm... now, what this guy is saying is besides the smooth online play, assortment of gameplay modes, great graphics, custom soundtracks & an extensive career mode, a 6.5 is all you can give because you didn't take off enough points in the GAMEPLAY rating section??? Raw 2 = 9.0, DOR = 8.5.... i honestly thought DOR had a great story to it and should've gotten a higher score than that. But to give this game a 6.0 overall, I believe IGN ran out of writers and had this schmuck play this as his first wrestling game ever while he was in the middle of playing Halo 2. You get the dude upset while he's playing Halo 2... not a pretty site.

Sorry so long, guys... Hope I will be forgiven this time. I just wanted to point out once again to everyone here and "mature" ex-admins that reviews don't count for ****. Come over to Blockbuster & rent it if you want, but just check it out b4 u bash it b/c of some assclown's pointless review.


My thoughts? Why can't we get a damn decent Wrestling game? I might get it anyways. I'm waiting on Game Spot's as well as Team Xbox's Reviews.
Wrestlemania 21: A huge disappointment? - Wednesday, April 20, 2005 -

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