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Day 2: Bobo without a Computer

Yes, I'm on Nok's Computer. He's ironing his clothes at damn near Midnight. I think it's those pills..

Anyways, nothing new. The Computer is still in the shop and wont be out until I get the cash to get it out. To top things off, I don't have a cell phone either..For the moment. I'm waiting for Cingular to send my alt. Phone. I needed a Cingular Sim card since I still had a At&t Sim and Cingular no longer carries At&t phones.

I think Daiquiri is bringing Irulan by. It's been about a Month since I last saw her..them. I'm cutting back on driving cos my car is acting funny. Rattling under the car means a bad Catalytic Converter. A bad Cat, and the bad O2 Sensor. Gotta replace that too. Smog time is almost here and I know the Car will fail.

I've got to talk to the Manager at Rite Aid on Friday. I hope I get a jizzob there. I've gotta save up loot for that move in August. I'm giving Elika Money I earn [not all of it cos I do have other expenses] so I can save it for the move. No, I'm not skipping town. Nok is going to Fricso and I wanna get my own place..or a place with Daniel. If I don't give Elika the loot, it'll be spent on numerous impulse buys. No good..

Speaking of Elika, she wasn't feeling well today. She called me earlier. She left work early and now she has to work on her day off. She was gonna come over on her day off [Thursday] but plans are cancelled. She's coming by sometime this weekend tho. We usually chill, or play Midnight Club 3, eat, etc etc. Nothing too special, but it's good times. Things are going really well w/ her. I'm really glad things worked out and we both are on the same page, and looking forward.

Bobo [out]
Day 2: Bobo without a Computer - Tuesday, April 26, 2005 -

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