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MF Doom host AS Christmas Eve
No one really posts on here anymore.
AIM Quotes: The Rebirth
Sorry to the Fluffers....
I'm still here
Brooke Burke & "The King"
Lohan admits she was a Crack Head..
That's Racist!
The Government planned 9/11
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EA must die

Electronic Arts is the devil... Could you imagine if they got their hands on Prince of Persia?

..That is all.
EA must die - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 -

PvPs4free.com finally over..?

Damn! I just checked my referral status and I have 11 eligible referrals. They are reviewing my account now. Im so happy, I can do a cartwheel...


PvPs4free.com finally over..? - Monday, December 06, 2004 -

Man Tina Wood is...Hot!

I just got back from reading her blog [I sound like I left the house or something..haha]. Of course, most of the G4 peoples left her comments which is dope. She's got many fans, me being one of them. I find it pretty cool how she's all into Xbox, Halo 2, etc etc. I would try to find her GamerTag but there's probably a bunch of geeks doing that now anyways. On top of that, her friend requests are probably blowin' up! But yo, on a serious note: give me a chick that likes videogames as much as Tina does and Im set for life...

Moving right along, its mad raining outside. Im not sure if Im going to the Taco Party cos I haven't heard from Jennifer yet. Ill give her a call. If she tells me to go by, then Im going. Later on Im watching movies with someone. This was planned just last night. So Ill be chillen for the rest of the day.

..Incase your wondering, no I wont be posting another picture of Monkey. I wouldn't want it to steal all my lime light, nawmean?
Man Tina Wood is...Hot! - Sunday, December 05, 2004 -

Hilary Duff on Myspace.com?

I thought it was too good to be true..but maybe its legit. Hilary Duff on Myspace? Whoa.. I left a comment on her page and it said the comment had to be verified before it was posted. Anyways, I dont care what any of you think. I think the girl is gorgeous...

..Now that thats out in the open, Ive been thinking about dating and relationships the last few days. I havent had a girlfriend in a while which is all good. Ive learned from past experiences and definitely wont jump into anything that could turn mad foul. Nawmean? I cant say Ive got my eye on anyone too, cos I dont. I have preferences and all that, but no target locked. Only time will tell when Bobo meets "that chick" and starts listening to R&B joints all night long while talking to her on the phone, putting off videogames and friends on the internet to spend time with her, and well...damn. I must admit, I seriously miss having a girlfriend but its not the end of the world. She'll come. Until then its just me and the:

Hilary Duff on Myspace.com? - -